Another Year of Progress.


From a startup in 2016, Laureti came a long way through accomplishing some of the critical milestones in its journey. And as of today, it is now a symbol that stands for the promise of quality, safety, performance and style in a fast-paced EV market.


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2017-18 at-a-glance


Laureti is a privately-owned company with registered offices in UK, India and Spain. The company is funded by its founders and a closed group of early investors.

Although it is not obliged to public reporting requirements. Laureti is proud to make available its key accomplishments and communicate future developments.

·       Full Design Phase completed - Sep 2018

·       Prototyping & Testing - Oct -2018

·       (Ongoing and to be finalised in Apr 2019)

·       Land identified and secured for Production plant in India

·       Funds secured to acquire land - Oct 2018

·       Bids opened for OEMs

·       Joint-Ventures with Technological Partners

·       R&D set up - Jun 2019

A full-fledged marketing campaign of Laureti DionX is set to hit the Indian market in all main stream publicity platforms in 2019.

Laureti will publicly demonstrate its breakthrough performance in India in 2019. The ‘Endurance Trip’ will challenge DionX to complete 6000 km journey in 12 battery charges covering 7 cities in India.


310 X

value achieved


technology test reports



patents filed & in pipeline




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