Some dream of the future. We drive it


DionX is our first in line production vehicle and company’s premiere model. Fully electric and with advanced AI integrations, it encapsulates the advancements of technology, expression of class, comfort and quality.

Battery - 100 kwh

Range - 540 km

0-60 - 5.4 sec

Power train: AWD

A journey in DionX is not just about reaching a destination. Its about enjoying it all the way and in the most personal way possible.  DIU (Drive Intelligence Utility), the intelligent manager built as part of AI program in the vehicle understands your preferences and choices . And the more you use the vehicle, more knowledgeable it becomes about you.  Whether its a song for your perfect evening or a certain sitting posture settings you prefer. They’re all set before you ask. 

DionX by Laureti


When Purpose meets intelligence. Performance meets Style.


EV industry is revolutionary and it is changing the way we live and move around. While it clearly is exciting for the markets, we are in this not just for business opportunity but to make a difference by playing our part. Driven by that very purpose, our team is committed to delivering awe-inspiring performance by pushing the boundaries of technological tools.