Takes you beyond all reach….


Drive Future.


Uniquely crafted interiors

Our commitment to sustainable way of doing business reflects in every detail of the vehicle. From choosing natural dye for the leather work to arranging the power-efficient displays, every inch of the space is designed to achieve optimum passenger-selectable dynamics.


Comfort redefined

DionX can be accessed using its smart key effortlessly and remotely. In addition to flexible environment control and advanced telematic features for more enjoyable drive, an electrically adjustable headrest and bolster with massage functions for passengers will make longest of journeys a short fun drive.


Seamlessly connected

Like the universe, its all connected in the world of Laureti.  Equipped with features that gives real-time vehicle status including location, dashboard data, performance, maintenance notifications, security status and instant incident alarms, no matter where you are in the world, its a touch away to access your DionX. 





Performance at its core

DionX, a new species in EV revolution will deliver 540 km per single charge, comes with up-to 100,000 km battery guarantee. Its State of the Art power systems combined with Intuitive technologies, DionX conquers boundaries for those who like to challenge them.


Dedicated to excellence.

Since mid 2017, Laureti has achieved key partnerships to co-develop and acquire charging infrastructure technologies and supercharger solutions.

There is a strong case to support the possibility that Laureti and its partners will solve the complex issue of the charging infrastructure, therefore enabling mass adoption to EVs in Europe and India.


Become an Endurance Driver.

The Endurance Trip is a challenge of 6,000 km journey set from Leh, Kashmir (Nothern India) to the finish line in Kanyakumari (Southern tip of India) covering 7 major cities to finish in 12 charge cycles.

Interested participants can sign up to become one of the lucky few drivers to experience performance for themselves in DionX. The selected participants will be contacted to further assess their suitability.

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I agree that upon selection I will supply the following documents for the eligibility. > Valid Driver's license > Age proof 23+